About Us




Foodbuzz.site is the food search engine, made for Cambodia. Our platform contains every known types of Restaurants, every cuisine, and every street food corner that people can search and find in Phnom Penh. At the same time, audiences can find a numerous of food reviews which help them to decide on where they want to eat.

What to eat? Where to eat?

Our vision to start this platform is to answer to these questions. Our vision is to be the place where you can find this answers, to be the first place you will think of when your stomach is growling.

Why us?

We’re foodies people, we know what people likes, what people think. We know what’s trending in this country.

We were born here, what you want is what we are working for. We review food, we recommend what’s best for people’s taste. We have many writers, who has different personality in food tasting and outing, that you will find very relatable according to each preferences.

A great deal you can have with Foodbuzz is, food decision will no longer trouble you now that it’s at the tip of your finger.