Why Balut is One of the Most Interesting Snacks in Cambodia?


The easiest way to eat Balut is to crack the outside shell, and have it on the small plate. Seasoning it accordingly.

Balut is one of the most eccentric evening snacks you could find up to date! It is not any kind of snack you would expect because Balut are the 16 to 21 day old duck eggs that are still in fertilization.


Why is such strange delicacy worth the try? The duck eggs are cooked in boiled water for a good 15 to 20 minutes, and from there they go straight to your table. One of the easiest ways to eat Balut is to crack the top open, Sip the oozing liquid off the actual shell! Now the fun part is to dump the inside of the duck egg to your plate to reveal the wow factor. You should get the result as follows: If you see an egg yolk and an embryo that means your duck egg is still young. On other hand, if you see an egg yolk and the embryo has turned into somewhat a semi-grown duck. That means your duck eggs are older.


Balut is best eaten with the herb. So, don't miss them out.

Preference may vary in terms of choosing the eggs. Balut are best eaten with Khmer homegrown herb, pickled garlic and chilly, salt and pepper, and lemon. Balut are sold everywhere by the street vendors throughout Phnom Penh. Balut is quite a tasty of mix of textures, flavors, and certainly worth a place in your tummy!

Prices: USD 0.30/egg

Recommended location: Corner of St. 402 & St. 187 (Behind Vanda Institute of Accounting)


Balut street vendors are always around you. Come find them now. (photo credit: sixthseal.com)

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