11 Online Grocery and Convenient Stores in Phnom Penh to Deliver to Your Doorstep

With 2 new cases in Boeung Keng Kang area, everyone is alerted again. Going out just a for grocery shopping can be also hard. But fret not, here’s a list of 11 online grocery shopping and convenient stores that deliver to your doorstep during the COVID-19 outbreak.

#1 Grocery Delivery

An easy grocery shopping online, Grocery Delivery, is opened quite a while already and now hit the market again due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Download their app, you will find out numerous items that match your list. They offer best discount and promotion on grocery shopping and free delivery on order over $40.

#2 Chip Mong Supermarket

You can find almost everything at Chip Mong Supermarket. With the cooperation between Chip Mong Supermarket and Nham24, it will be a convenient to all mommies and everyone to do their grocery online. Have your list, click order and they will be right at your doorstep.


#3 Ostra Fine Foods

Are you looking for fresh meat and seafood for cooking today? Without going out to the mall or market, Check the Ostra out at Nham24. There are plenty types of meats including oyster, crab, tuna, lobster, shrimp, squid, octopus and more.

#4 Aliments

Ensuring the food safety with international food safety standards offering, Aliments is recognized as a high-quality supermarket in Toul Tompong area. Right now, you can get them on Nham24 with reasonable delivery fee. 

#5 Japan Shop

Resides around Toul Tom Pong area, Japan Shop is a convenient store where you can find various of Japanese snack, drink and food in Phnom Penh. There are many fine Japanese beer that you can only find here. Check them out on Nham24. 

#6 Strokesys Meat

Strokesys Meat only offers the best quality meat for you from lamb to chicken to beef and pork. And you can get your hand on this meat through Nham24. 

#7 UrBio Market

UrBio Market provides organic vegetables and various products. Take your phone and order them on Nham24. 

#8 FairPlus Supermarket

This is where you can many things here such as toiletries, beers, soju, milk, snack, candy and many more. If you are located around Steung Mean Chey, FairPlus supermarket might be right beside you. You now can order from this supermarket through Nham24.

#9 Grocery Mobility

Grocery Mobility is opened recently during this outbreak to bring the convenient to people. You can find many items for your household here. Make your order via their Facebook Chat. 

# 10 Grocerdel

Download their app, if you are looking for a convenient grocery shopping online and a friendly and good delivery service with English-speaking deliveryman. Grocerdel insures you the fresh food, locally-made goods you want to support and wholesale products you need.

#11 Delishop.asia

Open every day from 10AM to 8PM for delivery, Delishop.asia has almost everything for your daily routine including veggie & fruits, dairy product, butcher corner, sea products, sweet, breakfast & bakery, beverage & water, wine & alcohol, personal care, household essentials, pharmacy & health, pet goods and homewares & accessories. Visit delishop.asia for more info! 


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