How to Make Soju Mixed with Melona Soju Cocktail

The great thing about staying at home is that you can learn online or DIY at home. Learning a new skill is always a plus for everyone. You might be too bored to not move around all day, but today FoodBuzz will show a recipe that you can mix an alcohol drink with yogurt –Melona Soju Cocktail.

First of all, we need some ingredients such as

-          Soju – Original flavor

-          Melona Bar

-          Sprite or 7UP or soda

Let’s get into the process of making Melona Soju Cocktail! Pour 2 shots of Soju into a glass with ice, then add Sprite around 1/3 of glass. (The amount of Soju and Sprite is depended on the size of your glass).

Last but not least, stir a Melona bar in until it dissolves. The Melona keeps your soju cold and turns your drink into a hard milkshake with a nice color.

For those who are not a sweet tooth, you would rather use soda than a sprite, because it can be too sweet to you since the Melona bar is already sweet.  

All the ingredients can be found at Lucky Supermarket or Marts in your location.

Credit recipe: CrazyKoreanCooking

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